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URL Monitoring

Face it. In today's Internet economy, you cannot leave your website availability to chance, when your company is spending its marketing dollars on attracting prospective customers to your website or landing page. 24 X 7 monitoring of your website for availability and performance is critical to proactively identify website problems, before they escalate into substantial downtime and lost revenue.

Get alerted

Uptime track enables the visitor to track websites for free and get alerts when the site is down or having trouble. The free plan offers checks every 5 minutes.

Get attached screenshots

Uptime track alert you to failure in your url and record their exact time as well as issue & send them to the mail as attached screenshot.

Why Use UpTimeTrack


It is very simple to use. Just need to add monitor and you are good to go.

24/7 Monitoring

It monitors your site around-the-clock to make sure it never skips a beat.


It records logs(uptime & downtime stats) of your monitors.

User-Friendly Dashboard


Easily configurable to suit your own brand and only display relevant checks.

Easy Setup

Simply enter your web page's URL and select a contact for alert and that's it!

Complete Overview

Keep track of your historical data and decide when to scale up or down.


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